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AKM Law is a Toronto Immigration law firm focused on exceptional legal guidance, excellent client relations and customized service. We create a low-stress, results oriented experience by taking an aggressive approach with the confidence obtained from years of legal Immigration experience.

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Aminder Kaur Mangat

Founder and Head Legal Counsel

Aminder Kaur Mangat, B.A., LL.B., is a Canadian Barrister & Solicitor and a member of the Law Society of Ontario. She is the founder and head legal counsel at AKM Law.

Aminder obtained her B.A. with Honours from the University of Manitoba and graduated law school top of her class from the University of West London.

Aminder has over a decade of exclusive Canadian immigration experience. She represents corporate clients as well as individuals in all types of matters, specializing in complex cases, including previously refused applications and cases with inadmissibility - criminality, misrepresentation.

Aminder is a strong and passionate advocate, proven by her positive record of cases. Aminder's creative and unique approach has obtained several unprecedented decisions. She was one of first advocates to successfully argued the use of GPS monitoring on detained individuals, which had previously been vigorously opposed. Shortly after her appearance, Immigration Canada announced it would accept GPS monitoring as a condition of release for detainees. Aminder's influential win at the Federal Court of Canada established a landmark decision regarding notices for spousal sponsorship interviews: Johnson v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), 2017 FC 550 (CanLII).

Other notable cases:

Aminder takes pride in providing sound legal advice and representation to her clients, either coming to Canada to pursue new life experiences in love, work, education or travel.

Aminder and the AKM Law team are here to help assist you in achieving your goals and allowing you to live your life free.

Aminder Kaur Mangat - AKM Law Founder and Head Legal Counsel

Daisy Sun
Associate Lawyer

Daisy (Dongni) Sun, B.A., J.D., is a Canadian Barrister & Solicitor and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. She is an Associate Lawyer at AKM Law.

Daisy obtained her Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School in June of 2018. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto where she specialized in Philosophy and Gender Studies. Informed by social justice theory, Daisy made the decision to attend law school in hopes of bringing about positive social change.

During law school, Daisy was a Caseworker for Parkdale Community Legal Services' Immigration Division where she assisted clients with immigration files and helped to organize community advocacy efforts.

Additionally, she worked in conjunction with Dr. Hilary Evans Cameron on researching and preparing guidelines that addressed for the first time the use of social science evidence in refugee hearings for the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

After law school, Daisy completed her articles with Patricia Wells Immigration Lawyers. Daisy is fluent in English and Mandarin and enjoys rock climbing in her spare time.

Daisy Sun - AKM Law Associate Lawyer

Yali Lin
Senior Case Worker

Yali Lin, B.A. is the Senior Case Worker at AKM Law. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Law with a concentration in Law, Policy, and Government from Carleton University.

Additionally, Yali graduated from the Paralegal program at Sheridan College with High Honours and was awarded the Dan Shibata Memorial Award. This award is presented to a student who exemplifies the qualities of Dan Shibata: commitment to learning, integrity, professionalism, a desire to help others, a positive outlook and cheery disposition. Aside from these qualities, Yali has also 10 years in the retail industry that has allowed her to effectively create a rapport with clients. She utilizes these skills on a daily basis to aid our Lawyers and clients in order to achieve a desirable outcome.

Yali completed her field placement in the area of immigration law at AKM Law and has continued to pursue her goal of helping those struggling with Canadian immigration laws as a Law Clerk at our firm. With more than six years of legal instruction, Yali has developed and honed her love of aiding those who find themselves in need of legal assistance. No matter how complex or difficult the challenge, Yali has always and will continue to put forth her best efforts.

As an individual who immigrated to Canada at a young age, she understands the needs and struggles of those who recently came to Canada or have wishes to come to Canada.

Yali Lin - AKM Senior Case Worker

Katrina Braga - AKM Law Case Worker and Office Administrator
Katrina Braga
Case Worker and Office Administrator

Katrina Braga is a Case Worker and Office Administrator at AKM Law. She initially joined AKM Law in 2019 as a placement student and has continued with us. She is an essential member of our team as she provides the lawyers in our firm with reliable, efficient, and solid assistance in client matters.

Our clients are often faced with a variety of difficult, emotional, and complex immigration needs. Katrina has the legal skills and knowledge to assist our lawyers with these situations as she graduated from the Paralegal program at Sheridan College. In addition Katrina has three years of customer service skills which has allowed her to effectively communicate, listen and understand the complex needs of our clients.

Katrina is highly driven and motivated when she sets a goal for herself. While in high school, Katrina envisioned herself as an entrepreneur in the clothing business. With her motivation she set out with fellow classmates to co-found a small clothing company which was a successful endeavor. Katrina has since moved onto pursing her interest in immigration law and has continued to put that dedication into pursuing the best outcome for our clients.

Romina Hallan
Summer Law Student

Romina Hallan is a summer law student at AKM Law. Romina has recently completed her second year of law school in the Dual J.D. program at the University of Windsor and the University of Detroit Mercy. She graduated from York University in 2018 with an Honours B.A. in Criminology. Romina solidified her decision to attend law school after learning about legal inequities between genders, issues in policing, and criminal justice reform.

Romina took part in the Windsor chapter of L.E.A.F. as a 1L Dual Rep and also contributed to the development of the first human rights student club at UWindsor. Romina has also been voted as Co-President for the Women and the Law Club for 2021-2022. At Detroit Mercy, Romina took part in the Family Law Clinic, where she assisted clients with legal documents pertaining to issues such as child support, divorce, and child custody.

In her spare time, Romina enjoys vinyl collecting, reading, and photography.

With a fresh understanding of Canadian immigration and refugee law, Romina is motivated to apply her knowledge in the field and get started in pursuing a career that intersects immigration and family law. 

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