Katrina Braga

Case Worker

Katrina Braga - AKM Law Case Worker

Katrina Braga is a Case Worker at AKM Law. She initially joined AKM Law in 2019 as a placement student and has continued with us. She is an essential member of our team as she provides the lawyers in our firm with reliable, efficient, and solid assistance in client matters.

Our clients are often faced with a variety of difficult, emotional, and complex immigration needs. Katrina has the legal skills and knowledge to assist our lawyers with these situations as she graduated from the Paralegal program at Sheridan College. In addition Katrina has three years of customer service skills which has allowed her to effectively communicate, listen and understand the complex needs of our clients.

Katrina is highly driven and motivated when she sets a goal for herself. While in high school, Katrina envisioned herself as an entrepreneur in the clothing business. With her motivation she set out with fellow classmates to co-found a small clothing company which was a successful endeavor. Katrina has since moved onto pursing her interest in immigration law and has continued to put that dedication into pursuing the best outcome for our clients.

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