Procedural Fairness Letter Canada (PFL)

A Procedural Fairness Letter from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is a formal communication sent to an individual in the immigration process to address concerns or issues regarding their application. It outlines specific details related to the application, such as discrepancies or missing information, and provides the applicant with an opportunity to respond before a final decision is made.

How to Respond to a Procedural Fairness Letter

Upon receiving a PFL, applicants are granted a specific timeframe, typically ranging from seven to 30 days, to provide a detailed response. The significance of this opportunity cannot be overstated, as a well-structured reply addressing the officer's concerns can significantly influence the application's outcome. Crafting a response supported by relevant laws, case precedents, and concrete evidence is crucial. Seeking advice from an immigration lawyer in Canada before responding is highly recommended, enhancing the likelihood of success.

Processing Time for a Procedural Fairness Letter

The processing time for PFLs varies, with officers taking anywhere from 30 days to over a year to review responses. The efficiency of the applicant's reply plays a pivotal role in determining this timeline. It is imperative for applicants to comprehend the potential reasons for receiving a PFL, as this knowledge is essential for effective response preparation.

Common Reasons for Issuing Procedural Fairness Letters

  1. Criminal Inadmissibility:

    • Previous criminal issues can result in criminal inadmissibility, impacting both applicants and non-accompanying family members.

    • Many applicants are unaware of the potential impact of a family member's medical or criminal issues on the entire application.

  2. Genuineness of Relationship:

    • Concerns about the authenticity of marital relationships or common-law partnerships.

    • Issues such as inconsistent information on forms, insufficient supporting documents, and conflicting data in previous applications.

  3. Misrepresentation:

    • Allegations of providing false information or presenting fraudulent documents.

    • Failure to disclose previous visa refusals can lead to inadmissibility and a five-year ban.

  4. Express Entry Concerns:

    • Issues such as incorrect National Occupational Classification (NOC), insufficient evidence, or discrepancies in employment letters.

    • Providing satisfactory evidence for work experience is crucial for a successful response.

  5. Medical Inadmissibility:

    • Individuals with medical issues may face medical inadmissibility if projected healthcare costs exceed $128,445 over 5 years (or $25,689 per year).

    • Common in parental sponsorship applications, requiring a comprehensive response with secondary opinions and detailed medical plans.

  6. Security Reasons/Terrorism:

    • Individuals with ties to organizations deemed security threats.

    • Former government or military service may require additional information to address concerns.

Why you need an Immigration Lawyer from AKM Law

Receiving a Procedural Fairness Letter is a pivotal moment in the immigration process, demanding a strategic and well-informed response. This critical phase necessitates applicants to approach it with the utmost seriousness, recognizing the need for professional assistance to ensure a thorough and effective reply. Successfully navigating the complexities of immigration requires more than a basic understanding of legal requirements; it demands a nuanced approach to addressing specific concerns raised by immigration officers. Herein lies the expertise of AKM Law's immigration lawyers, who bring a wealth of experience to guide applicants through the intricacies of responding to Procedural Fairness Letters, ensuring a comprehensive and strategic approach that enhances the chances of a favorable outcome in the immigration proceedings.

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