OINP Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream

International students dreaming of a future in Ontario now have an exciting pathway to make it a reality through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Employer Job Offer: International Student stream. This program provides eligible candidates with a job offer in a skilled occupation and the opportunity to apply for permanent residence in the province. In this article, we'll explore the steps to apply, the requirements for job offers, applicant qualifications, employer conditions, scoring factors, and the process after nomination.

The Employer Job Offer: International Student stream is designed for international students with a job offer in a skilled occupation, specifically categorized as TEER (Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities) Category 0, 1, 2, or 3 in the National Occupational Classification (NOC). The key to this pathway is a full-time and permanent job offer from an Ontario employer in an eligible occupation.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Register an Expression of Interest (EOI):

    • Before applying, candidates must register an Expression of Interest.

    • Once registered, candidates must wait to receive an invitation to apply.

  2. Review Document Checklist:

    • If invited, applicants need to review the document checklist carefully.

    • If using a representative, a different submission process applies.

  3. Submit an Application:

    • Log into the ONe-key account as a returning user.

    • Click the "Submit an application" button and follow the steps outlined.

    • Note the difference between the EOI file number and the application file number.

Job Offer Requirements:

To be eligible for the program, the job offer must meet several crucial requirements:

  1. Full-Time and Permanent:

    • The job must be full-time, requiring a minimum of 1,560 hours per year and at least 30 hours of paid work per week.

    • It must be a permanent position with no end date.

  2. Eligible Occupation:

    • The job must fall under TEER Category 0, 1, 2, or 3 in the NOC.

  3. Low Wage Level:

    • The offered wage must meet or exceed the low wage level for the specific region in Ontario.

    • Wage calculations may vary based on factors such as existing employment and collective agreements.

  4. Urgently Necessary to Employer’s Business:

    • The position offered must be urgently necessary for the employer's business activities.

  5. Work Based in Ontario:

    • The primary location of the work must be in Ontario.

    • Restrictions on equity ownership in the employer's business apply to the applicant and their family members.

Applicant Requirements:

Upon receiving an invitation to apply, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Expression of Interest and Invitation to Apply:

    • Apply within the identified deadline.

    • Demonstrate qualifications mentioned in the EOI.

  2. Education:

    • Possess an eligible credential from a Canadian institution, with more than half of the studies completed in Canada.

  3. Valid License or Authorization (if applicable):

    • Hold a valid license or authorization if the occupation requires it in Ontario.

  4. Intention to Live in Ontario:

    • Demonstrate a commitment to living in Ontario, evidenced by ties such as work, study, property ownership, etc.

  5. Legal Status in Canada:

    • Maintain legal status during the application period.

  6. Application Period:

    • Submit the application within two years of completing the educational requirements.

Employer Requirements:

Employers wishing to support an international student's application must meet specific criteria:

  1. General Requirements:

    • The employer must be in active business for at least three years.

    • Have business premises in Ontario.

    • No outstanding orders under employment standards or health and safety acts.

  2. Revenue Requirements:

    • Meet specific revenue requirements based on the location of work.

  3. Full-Time Employee Requirements:

    • Have a minimum number of full-time employees who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

  4. Employer Form:

    • Submit an Employer Form, which the applicant needs to scan and upload with their application.

Scoring Factors:

Applicants are assigned points based on various factors, contributing to their eligibility and desirability for the program. Factors include:

  • Job offer classification (NOC TEER category)

  • Wage level

  • Work or study permit status

  • Job tenure with the employer

  • Earnings history

  • Education level and field of study

  • Language proficiency

  • Regional factors, including job offer and study location.

If Nominated:

Upon successful nomination, applicants receive essential documents by email, including a nomination approval letter, a work permit support letter (if applicable), and a nomination certificate. However, there are conditions and restrictions applicants must adhere to, including demonstrating an intention to reside in Ontario, applying for a work permit within a specified period, and maintaining employment conditions.

Eligible Canadian Colleges and Universities:

The OINP recognizes various institutions in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. Notable institutions include the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia.

The OINP Employer Job Offer: International Student stream provides a promising pathway for international students seeking permanent residence in Ontario. By understanding the detailed requirements, steps, and scoring factors, applicants can navigate this process with confidence. This program not only benefits individuals but also contributes to Ontario's economic growth by attracting skilled professionals to contribute to the province's diverse and thriving workforce.

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