Authorization to Return to Canada Lawyer (ARC)

What is an ARC? 

An Authorization to Return to Canada is a special permit issued by the Canadian government, providing permission for individuals previously considered inadmissible to enter the country. Inadmissibility can arise due to various reasons, including criminal convictions, misrepresentation, or overstaying a previous visa.

Who Needs an ARC? 

If you have received a removal order, deportation, or have been previously barred from entering Canada due to inadmissibility, you will likely require an ARC to return. Whether you're planning to visit, work, study, or live in Canada, having an ARC is essential to overcome past immigration issues.

How to Apply for an ARC

Applying for an Authorization to Return to Canada involves a detailed process. Applicants need to submit a comprehensive application to the appropriate immigration office, addressing the reasons for their previous inadmissibility and providing evidence to support their case. It's crucial to demonstrate rehabilitation, changed circumstances, or humanitarian and compassionate grounds to strengthen the application.

Key Considerations:

  1. Documentation: Ensure all necessary documents, such as a copy of the removal order or deportation certificate, are included in your application. Supporting documents that showcase your rehabilitation or changed circumstances can significantly strengthen your case.

  2. Rehabilitation: Clearly articulate any rehabilitation efforts or changes in your situation since the inadmissibility decision. This could include the completion of rehabilitation programs, community service, or any other actions demonstrating a positive shift.

  3. Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds: If applicable, emphasize any humanitarian and compassionate reasons that support your case for returning to Canada. This could include family ties, employment opportunities, or medical considerations.

  4. Consultation with an Immigration Lawyer: Seeking advice from an experienced immigration lawyer is highly recommended when dealing with ARC applications. A lawyer can provide valuable insights, guide you through the process, and help present a compelling case to immigration authorities.

Why you need an Immigration Lawyer from AKM Law

Securing an Authorization to Return to Canada is a critical step for individuals with a history of inadmissibility. By carefully preparing a thorough application, emphasizing rehabilitation, and, hiring AKM Law as your immigration lawyer will enhance your chances of a successful return to Canada. Understanding the intricacies of the ARC process is key to overcoming past immigration challenges and moving forward with future plans in the country.

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