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New Pathway for Hong Kong Nationals that have Applied for Permanent Residence to Canada.

Posted by AKM Law on 21 May 2024
New Pathway for Hong Kong Nationals that have Applied for Permanent Residence to Canada.

Canada remains committed to supporting Hong Kong nationals, upholding their freedom and democracy. We closely monitor the evolving situation in Hong Kong to ensure our immigration programs effectively meet the needs of Hong Kong residents seeking to move to Canada.

As part of this commitment, a pathway to permanent residence for Hong Kong nationals in Canada was launched on February 8, 2021. However, the high volume of applications has resulted in longer processing times, putting many applicants at risk of their temporary status expiring before their permanent residence applications are processed.

To address this, a new public policy will be introduced in the coming weeks. This policy will allow applicants in the permanent residence pathway to extend their temporary status and obtain a new open work permit while awaiting a decision on their permanent residence applications.

Starting May 27, 2024, open work permits will be available to those who have applied for permanent residence under Stream A (in-Canada graduates) or Stream B (Canadian work experience) of the temporary public policy for Hong Kong residents in Canada. Applicants must have held a work or study permit in the three years before their application for permanent residence was received. This new public policy will be in place for five years, ensuring that applicants can extend their temporary status in Canada while their permanent residence applications are being processed.

Individuals with temporary status in Canada, or their guardians, are responsible for renewing their status as needed. Foreign nationals who apply to extend their work or study permits before their current permits expire maintain their legal status until a decision is made on their extension application, a provision known as "maintained status."

If an applicant’s temporary status expired within the 90 days prior to applying for a new open work permit, they can apply under this new public policy to restore their status simultaneously. However, if their temporary status expired more than 90 days before their application, it will not be approved.

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