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Canada’s Plans to Help Refugees Build Their Careers

Posted by AKM Law on 23 January 2023
Canada’s Plans to Help Refugees Build Their Careers

Canada is an international leader in refugee resettlement and integration. At this time, the world faces some of the worst global refugee crises in recent history, and our nation is working hard to facilitate the integration and settlement of refugee.

The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship announced additional funding, totaling $6.2 million, into the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP). The EMPP focuses on refugee resettlement and economic immigration, which helps refugees immigrate to Canada through existing economic programs, and gives employers a range of access to qualified candidates to fill their works needs. The projects under EMPP will help to identify qualified candidates overseas, and support candidates and employers through the interviewing, hiring, and immigration process.

High-demand sectors such as health care, skilled trades, and information technology will be focused on when expanding the pilot to welcome 2,000 skilled refugees. Partners of the program, including Talent Beyond Boundaries, TalentLift, and Jumpstart Refugee Talent, will work alongside candidates to refer and support them.

To learn more about EMPP and your potential as a refugee in Canada, contact us today!

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